Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Journey with Blackbird Owl … The Beginning:

Wednesday November 1, 2006:

When better to start this new blog than on the Witches New year!

May the wisdom of the ancestors and the silent swan lead you safely through the threshold to a wonderful New Year.

Standing amongst the trees on Hampstead heath last night, I called to the ancestors beyond the trembling veil. As I walked through the veil into the New Year, I touched upon the wisdom that is in their bones, their breath, blood and spirit, knowing it will guide me safely on this new path. The bats flew across the moon lit sky and the trees stood like stones in their stillness on the newly sleeping earth, and I knew that the Goddess was watching and waiting for me to begin.

Soon after my initiation as a Priestess of the Goddess, way back in February this year, I had the idea that I would celebrate the new me by taking a series of journeys to Goddess sites in the UK. An easy thing to do, you might think? I guess it might be, but for the fact that I am blind and, as part of the decision, resolved that these would be solo pilgrimages.

Before sitting down and rehearsing all the reasons why this would be a difficult set of journeys for a blind person to do, I made up my mind that, if the Goddess had given me this quest it must be possible to do. The interpretation of solo itself might be qualified in some way, I knew this, but I also knew deep down inside that I could probably find a way to do this practically and safely, without compromising the sacred and solo nature of these pilgrimages.

I thought about it all for a few months, made some initial plans to get info, talked a lot with myself and some others, but nothing really happened. Six months on and I feared that it might just be a pipe dream – something nice to do and indeed honourable, but something that never happens because life gets in the way.

Determined that that would not happen, I then decided that the only way I would really do this, would be to get a witness. I thought long and hard about whom that would be. In the end, I decided that it would be you, the readers of this blog, “A Journey with Blackbird Owl”. I would write all that I was thinking, feeling and actioning, to make this sacred quest come to life. Because you are reading this, you are witnessing it and it becomes real. I look to you to silently encourage me to make these sacred journeys. I imagine you all sitting round in a circle, as though by a dancing fire at night, wrapped in the enfolding stories of my ventures.

So settle down and be here now as I begin to tell my tales.


Blogger The Low Priestess said...

This is a wonderful and powerful blog. Blessings to you Blackbird Owl in your journeys.

3:07 AM  

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