Monday, January 15, 2007

Off Again.

The train is packed to the roof with escaping Scots. I sit squished into a corner, my overlarge weekend bag wedged uncomfortably between my thighs.

This weekend, the honeymoon with the goddess moves to damp Milton Keynes. I'm off to find ancient wild wood, burial mounds, and paganism on the rates in the guise of public sculptures! The goddess can be met with everywhere not just in the old and known pagan places.

Wild winter storms have torn through most of the country and it has rained greatly earlier in the week in the Milton Keynes area. Many of the roads to the north are flooded. It has been necessary to pack the red wellies and U.S. army cape but I am hopeful that the rain will hold off for the weekend, although forecasts are not favourable.

As ever though I'm optimistic that things will be okay.


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