Monday, February 19, 2007

Tube Creatures

The tube train hopped and shuddered as though on it’s last legs. I sat sweating, my heart sinking; would I ever get to my destination? My pulse shifted and I considered whether I was edging into claustrophobia – something I do not suffer from. I decided to cast a circle.

It was very hard. The directions just would not bring themselves to me at first, slipping away as my thoughts flitted off all over the place. I grew burning hot and took off my thick coat.

At last, the circle was cast and I asked that my journey be safe. As I thought this, the train hopped, juddered to a stop, panted a bit, as though it was a lumbering animal all out of breath and then rocked slowly forward.

Behind my closed eyes I saw them; triangular faced, goat eared, smiling grey blue beings. They were slender shapely creatures; narrow-hipped like greyhounds, with a big bushy fox tail. They ranged themselves along side the train as though to escort it through, almost like a guard of honour.

As they moved, I checked them out. Something had caught at the back of my mind, something odd. Then I noticed: they had only three legs, two at the front and one centrally placed at the back. They moved forward hopping, bums in the air.

The train began to move again, this time smoothly and gently, gradually picking up speed. The creatures suddenly ascended, and I realised that they had wings! I could see them in my minds eye, now on top of the train, mouths stretched in a grin, tongues lolling. The train drew into the station and I am sure I heard, above its shuddering and sighing, the sound of high pitched and happy baying and the pitter-patter of their little hooves on the metal train roof.


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