Monday, July 02, 2007

Bird on a hot roof

Friday June 15, 2007, Andalusia

The wind had got up in the night. She butted the low buildings, shaking the shutters as if to say “wake up, wake up”. She snatched at the trees, tore at the pots on the sills and determinedly nudged patio furniture into new positions.

Soon after breakfast I climbed onto the roof and stood leaning into the wind. She slapped against my cheek and pushed my breath out of my lungs. Laughing into her fierceness, I twirled against her, raising my arms like wings.

The morning sun licked my face as I evoked the winged dawn creatures of the east. Fire moved in my being with the energy of the wind as I turned and called the dancing fires of the south. I tasted the salt sea tang on her breath as I turned to call the waters of the west. I stamped my feet and danced round with her, my energetic dance partner as I called to the mountains embracing this valley to come and hold the beauty of the earth. I twirled on one foot, reaching high and swooping low as I moved between the worlds.

How beautiful to stand and lean into the great wind. Her rough embrace caught and held me as I stood. I surfed, rotated and shifted against her and felt her lift me effortlessly.

I was a bird, a big bird and I was flying high. I soared above the green earth and the brown mountains, the patchwork of orchard fields, the white houses and snaking roads. Moving through the blue sky, I turned towards the sun and began to sing:

“Soar into the scorching sun,
Bourne on western winds.
Rise above the round green earth,
Fly into the east.

I circled and circled. The earth below a patchwork of patterns. Swooping down, I skimmed the sea as waves danced reaching to suck at me as I flew off again.

Bare feet slapped on the hot roof as I danced round and round, spinning and circling in the wildness of the wind. But it was time to come back down to earth and I reluctantly slowed and stopped, bowing to the morning, the sun, the wind and the mountain as I closed my circle and made ready to climb back down the stairs.


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