Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Dancing Bear

Wednesday August 15, 2007 (Broadoak, Dorset)

I scrabbled my way eagerly down the dark tunnel, knowing this time where I was going. My paws caught at the rough rocks and loose earth. Reaching the brilliantly flickering fire, I stood up on my hind legs and entered the dance.

WE stamped our paws, raised our heads to the moon and growled. I heard my rough bear’s voiced roaring away with the others, felt the pain lift from my heart and began to leap across the high twirling flames.

Dark against the old gnarled tree she sat and watched me. I danced for her and for myself, revelling in the energy of release, the ecstasy of perfect love, knowing that the place of release and of worship was in the dance.

Sweat poured down my naked body. My breathing came fast and harsh. I had to leave the heat.

The relief of cool water was intense. Like a small bear, I rolled in the shallow pool, laughing and splashing my companion as we frolicked in the early morning drizzle. What the fuck if it was raining, it was a bear’s life, and that was good!


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