Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Merry Maidens (Boleigh)

Tuesday October 16, 2007:

Dancing with the Maidens

Probably one of the best known stone circles of the Land's End Peninsula, The Merry Maidens, a circle of 19 standing stones date from about 2500 BCE. They stand in a field near a road, hard by a burial chamber and some mênhirs. We were not required therefore to yomp across Mooreland which was a relief as it was by now pissing with rain!

We scrambled over a Cornish style (a series of rocks set in rough steps) and wandered around the circle, greeting each stone by touch. Like nineteen hoydens without hats, they stood about brazenly not caring if they got soaked or so it seemed to me.

Drawn to the middle, I found a rain filled depression and began to dance around in it. I moved counter clockwise and my companion skipped about the other way. As we danced, she sang as many songs about circles as she could dredge up. Laughing, I joined in.

Like two carefree four year olds, on and on we circled. The rain fell and my feet splashed in the puddle. As we danced , it seemed to me that the stones danced too. In three circles alternately spinning, we moved, a never ending swirl of complete endless joy.

I was young again. I was from another time. Nineteen maidens were indeed dancing round me in celebration of something – was it of me?

I stopped and the world danced on. Staggering slightly, I stood in the very centre and allowed the spinning core to slow and still. Time to go. Still laughing, we walked back through the exit, turning to bow to the stones in thanks for the great dance.


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