Monday, June 23, 2008

The Solstice Circle – Andalusia

Friday June 20, 2008:

Today, the sun is almost at its fullest. Its roundness echoes the shape of the earth and of the first fruits of summer, ripe and ready for eating.

We stand in a circle on the roof, girdled by the magnificent mountains, the low hills, serpentine roads and the leafy gardens below.

Turning, I call the directions and say:

“Summer fruit so good to eat,
Melting softly on my tongue.
Turn dreams to actions, rich and sweet,
So they may be both true and strong.”

A bowl of soft fruit is handed around the circle. As each person takes a piece of fruit they speak their dream. As each person bites into the fruit, they speak the action that will bring their dream to life. In the circle they are held and their dreams and actions witnessed by the listeners all around.

The circle of dreams and action finished, as one, we move towards the west, to stand and look over the earth bathed in the warm rays of the retiring sun. As each person throws the fruit’s seeds into the garden, they call out wishes for this place, a personal blessing for its continued growth.

Someone starts to drum their fingers on the metal railing. One by one, others join and the rhythm steady at first, gathers pace and thunders like a thousand galloping horses into the soft evening wind. And a cone of power is sent out unconsciously by our fingers into the world, carrying in the sound all that we wish for ourselves, each other and this place in which we have been nurtured this past week.

The sun slides towards the mountains. The air cools. We turn and take hands, circle, connecting, as we honour the solstice. And I send out a prayer to the glorious mother who is this beautiful land, that I may know what my next task in this world is.


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