Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Bird’s Eye

Sunday June 21 2009:

The gentle drumbeat thumps through the sleeping mountain air. I call air, fire, water, earth. Here is the dawn of the longest day. I dedicate my morning ceremony to fruition, to celebrating the peaks of achievement.

I journey up the mountain, moving between high rocky walls, the valley bottom and the tall crags. I am a bird skimming across the beautiful body of the goddess, stroking and caressing her with my wings as I fly.

High across the mountains I soar, to the blue sea fringed edge of the land into the sun and the clear blue air beyond. The earth spreads out under the noonday sun. It reveals its glories with abundant pride. Celebrate success I feel it shout!

I fly up to a cliff top; the tower on its summit reaches a tall stark finger into the clear blue sky. I settle down on top, wings furled, a-roosting and survey my life.

I see myself at all ages, each incident like a necklace stretched out on the land dark and light, bright and dull. I survey myself and see my struggles. I feel great compassion. I also feel pride mixed with sorrow, for I know it has been hard but it has also been triumphant.

I bow to myself in all my ages and return to that trusting young self, she who is at the place before violation, the one that trusted her to be loved. Like wings stretched out to catch the eddying winds of the afternoon, I open myself up to that trust. I trust that everything will be alright, that I will be safe, That I am wanted and appreciated. Let my good intentions be known and honoured. Let me trust that others have good intention towards me. I return to the roof.

I begin to sing
"I am the rising sun,
I am the change
I am the one I am waiting for
And I am dawning."

It is done, so mote it be!


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