Friday, February 23, 2007

The Sea, the Sea!

I was hankering after the sea. We drove to Tenby where it was possible to get down to the shore without having to climb huge piles of steps.

The sky had cleared and the horned moon was out, grinning down at us. The cliffs loomed above us covered in an abundance of plants and small trees. The dark, dark sea was rough and tumbling eagerly.

I cast a circle and the PHD began to drum. I called upon the creatures of the sea to be with us and to sing with us this night. The invocation finished, the clouds parted and displayed stars twinkling down at us.

I was singing to the sea. A gentle song in Cornish, a chant to call the mermaids. The sea rose and fell, surged forward and withdrew, fierce, determined and yet somehow playful. I sang louder and the waves began to dance. Rushing together, eager to get there first, two waves collided and crashed over my feet, I jumped back, but not before they’d soaked my trousers to the knee!

The PHD put some welly into her drumming. My rattle song was swallowed up in the sea, along with the invocation to the mermaids. It didn’t matter, I shook my rattle more and more vigorously.

I was the seagull, calling to her mate. Riding above the crash of the waves, my voice soared high into the night sky. The waters began to foam. Another unseen wave chafed at the shore determined to get me again, finally collapsing with satisfaction on my poor longsuffering boots! I jumped back again, laughing and dancing with delight as I hooted into the night.

The air was electric. The PHD gasped and exclaimed. There were bright darts of blue lightening and behind the crash of the waves, thunder boomed. We were whipping up one hell of a storm!

Words came to me and I sang out again and again.

“We greet the sea, we meet the sea.
The lady is the sea , as strong as strong can be.
The moon shines down, the moon grins down “

My song played with the drum, taking the rhythms across the beat. I danced as I sang.

Then we were at the very edge of the sea. Our feet webbing, legs moulding together as we dove amongst the waves. Down and down we swam, tossed around on the waves, leaping out into the night then back down deep, to dart amongst the rocks.

The cave yawned and I followed the creature that was the PHD into it. She swam about looking for something and so did I. She came face to face with a beautiful creature and so did I. We each reached out, she to discover a mirror, the beautiful creature her, and I, to discover a carved head, the face mine.

Chasing each other in and out of rocks and crevices, we finally surfaced, leaping out of the sea and landing on the shore, dry, ten toed , two legged and human.

The PHD drummed on and I danced on. I sang to the sea and the sea sang back as she tossed each wave at our feet as though to say “here, this one’s for you” and “take that you cheeky so-and-so!”.

It was time to channel the energy we had raised. We danced anew, whipping up a cone of power which we sent out over Wales specifically to help the earth to heal quickly as possible from the wounds inflicted by the installation of the gas pipeline.

It was time to go. The beat slowed and stopped, the rattle silent. The sea bubbled and surged still, creeping closer an closer to the cliff with each swell.

Reluctantly, we said our goodbyes and went in search of chips and a convenient bench upon which to sit eating them. And then it started to rain.


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