Sunday, October 21, 2007


Thursday October 18, 2007:

Sea Commitment

The night had been cold. The day arrived gleaming, brilliant in the autumn sunshine. Under a perfect picture postcard blue sky we climbed beneath the feeble little piece of rope down onto the rocks at Landsend.

The sea roared against the sharp and torturous rocks below, calling to me to come closer, come closer. I found a rock and perched on it, face turned to wards the sea, sun brushing my left cheek.

I scattered seeds and dried fruit in honour of the goddess. Curious crows appeared and a hooded one sat himself on a rock opposite me to watch.

I went to the sea and into the waters. There I was amongst the rocks, floating on the surface, brushing up against their hard rough surfaces, allowing myself like the sea, just to be. There was nothing to do, nowhere to go, just be, just be.

And the sea stretched out before me. Miles and miles till the next land. I sent my wishes out on the moving water, to spread like ripples in a pool into which a pebble has been dropped. Silently, I renewed my commitment to connect with the natural world, to the goddess and to myself, to draw strength from this, to go out into the world and work for social change.

Voices behind me woke me from my reverie. A couple were noisily indulging in a scenic photo opportunity. I threw more seeds to the crows and the one who had watched me throughout, turned and flew away. Silently, I thanked the sea and got up to go.


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