Sunday, November 18, 2007

Reflections at Little St Michael’s

Saturday November 10, 2007:

Morning was still young as I slipped out of the back door of the Little St Michael’s Retreat house and slowly made my way up the steep terraces. The garden rose up in banks of many steps (all without handrails) bordered by a range of plants. Carefully, I climbed, searching for a patch of sun that I did not find – I suspect that the house was in-between me and the sun.

I sat down on the steps and cast my circle. Giving thanks for the night passed by, I turned my mind in meditation to the astrological reading my multi-talented companion had mistressfully executed over a hearty breakfast the day before.

This is the time of endings and beginnings she had told me. The transformation will be deep, spiritual, about expansion and growth with an underworldly connection. My mind and perceptions are sharpened and deepened. I will probe deep, see underneath the stuff. I will undertake at least some of the journeys voluntarily.

I will reach my highest growth this year through reflection. This is about my inner world, meditation, a world of being as opposed to a world of doing, she explained.

The flow of the water is definitely in the direction of change. I may find that my ability for tact and diplomacy is heightened this year, gentling some of those raw and ruthless Scorpio edges, she suggested.

Changes in relating, in relationships, in values and ethics and money as well will occur, she continued. It’s an updating of hopes and expectations around relationships and social situations. I’m likely to be attracted to people who will go with me to deep places, who will help with my changes.

This year is about shedding, but there’s an excitement, restlessness, a desire to make change. If there have been changes that I’ve needed to make for a long time but haven’t, this is really a good year to do it, she concluded.

I sat and remembered the journeys made through this year, how they evolved as the year turned and the changes wrought in me as a result. I remembered too that this was the year of the death of my father and all that had brought with it.

I recalled the beautiful places I had been to, the simple pleasure I found in just being with a big old tree, or playing with a pebble on the beach. I smiled to think of the mad scrambles down well-dodgy paths and how the only thing I could do was to trust my companion and pray that I wouldn’t fall.

And as for those companions, the mixture of friends and strangers who have willingly adventured with me, what could I say? They helped me to make my dream of a year and a day pilgrimage to the goddess become a reality. I cold not have done it without them.

I offered quiet thanks up to the birds singing above me, knowing they would take the message on. But what else would you expect from Blackbird Owl? Listen to the birds and you will hear my thanks coming to you on the back of a sweet song.

And now it was over. Today was the beginning of something else. Today, I would meet the goddess on a hill and in a temple. MY focus for today would be “what is next for me? The only other question remaining being, how was I going to get down from here? Eek!


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