Thursday, January 17, 2008

But I can’t stop …

The huge space in my heart left by not coming here with my stories and dreams is too much for me. I have the next pilgrimage concept in hand (oh and the next and the next and the one after that too and beyond … but more about that later). In this place of intermission, in this time of waiting before I begin again (than will happen about Imbolk time), I’m still dreaming and connecting and observing the wheel and my life that it turns. I want to share it with you and so I shall, in this space.

In deciding this, already I feel relief flood me and my heart lightens. For to tell the truth my experience of the turning of the year from the dark to the light has been bitter with pain and depression. Even though the buds poke their noses up out of the soil and everyone tells me the light stays longer and longer each day, I am still held in this sad place. To rite, to paint my words my dreams and journeys, my encounters with the goddess onto the canvas that is this blog is something I am compelled to do. To be blunt, I can’t help it, I have to do it! So, as I out myself as a words addict and helpless blog crazed soul, indulge me.

Oh and yes, last night I heard an owl hooting down on the disused railway line beyond my house. I was so entranced I forgot to pick up my feet and fell over! Today, walking back from whirling around on the heath … (more about that later too), I heard a blackbird sing out loud and cheerfully and it lifted my heart. I’ve not heard the blackbird sing for a while now and felt cleansed by his song. So I had to come back, and here I am.

So here are my dreams at Yule and what I’ve been doing today, to mark the anniversary of my father’s death.
Blackbird Owl


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