Saturday, November 25, 2006

Conserving and researching …

Having begun the London Pilgrimages, I’m itching to do more. But it’s raining cats and dogs today and all possible companions are not about! So, in keeping with this time of year and as the nights draw in, it’s time to conserve, preserve and cogitate about what next.

First things first, a bit of research is in order. I was pleased to find that the Peter Ackroyd book “London: A biography is available in audio – so it’s on its way to me as I write. Although not a pagan reference book, it does explore the pagan history of London, alongside the rest. My companion of last week did a bit of hunting around on the net and came up wit some useful links, which I will get from her and explore for myself. So I am at leisure to do a bit of research and plan further trips in more detail, even though the access to ink print information issue will make this a more difficult task.

Whilst it’s raining and no one is about, it’s an ideal time to learn how to use this web site. I’ve been rather hesitant in having a go, believing that it is not accessible. But I’ve decided not to limit myself and to try it out. Not sure I’m up to downloading word blogger or whatever it is called though so I’ll confine myself to producing entries off line and pasting them in And if you’re reading this on the blog, I did it!!!.
And whilst I am doing all than, my mind is turning to how I can meet the Goddess much nearer home … It’s not known as an official sacred site but I have created my garden in honour of the Goddess. Perhaps I need to journey with her there as well?

Another thing I can do whilst grounded, so to speak, is to explore more, the beauty of invocation and prayer, so I’m not going to be idle in these few weeks.

So, why don’t you tuck yourself up at home in the warm and join me as I journey inward and around my home and in my researches. I’ve also been thinking that it might be helpful to put up some map details of where to find where I have been so far and also any useful web links, so that will happen in the fullness of time too.

Thoughtfully and purposefully

Blackbird Owl


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