Monday, November 13, 2006

Duloe Stone Circle

Wednesday November 8, 2006:

4:30 pm

My companions had dis-remembered where these were, so it was some little time before we came across them, standing in a small field by the edge of a road.

As soon as I walked into their centre, I felt a stillness. I travelled clockwise round, touching each stone and then set my alter in the centre, where others had worked before. I spread my plastic cape and lay down.

Lying flat on my back, my companions sitting quietly beside me, I felt myself sink down, down, down into the earth. I lay still and flat, held as though in the palm of Her hand, quiet and at rest. Softly, one companion described the setting sun as it sank into a red and grey striped sky, whilst birds chattered amongst themselves, cows lowed in a nearby field and sheep called to each other on the hillside. I allowed myself to lie still and be.

I don't know how long I lay there. I only knew that I was being held by something in a very loose disinterested way. I was conscious of the others, the ancient ones also lying under the earth in this place, for it is suggested by some that this might be a burial ground. I felt an immense sense of rest.

The day moved on and it was time to leave. The sun sank behind the stones and the air grew cool. Gathering up my tools, I left the quietness of the circle, taking with me that stillness and softness that, in life, I know will bring me rest and opportunities for reflection.


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