Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Oh wow! It’s all coming together.

I don’t know how this happened, but I have a volunteer who works with me who is a Cornish Nationalist! She’s also pagan and friendly – which is something I didn’t bank on when first I began to work with her.

Anyway, after we had done what we normally do together on a Monday morning, I mentioned that I was about to go off and do this pilgrimage to sacred sites in Devon. I told her I was very drawn to Cornwall, where some of my ancestors hail from. She got v excited. Her health and grand parenting responsibilities means that she just can’t do it but she knew a woman who might! .

But then I had an idea. Maybe she could manage trips in London, given plenty of notice. She said she’d be up for that.

So I’m now planning some London trips too. I think I will theme them, wells one week, trees another and so on. There’s someone else to go with and I’m sure that others will join if I let them know what I am doing. And in the meantime, R, my volunteer, is on the case and is bound to dig someone out who can help me.

My big learning this morning is, tell everyone who would be sympathetic about what I am doing. Someone is bound to want to help.

And now I’m going to skip off to the gym … boing!

Blackbird Owl


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