Monday, April 09, 2007

The Cluny Water Beings

Monday April 2, 2007

Late in the afternoon, I sat on a stone bench by a man-made waterfall in the garden at Cluny Hill College, the Forres campus of the Findhorn Foundation. I came to make contact with the spirits of the place.

Birds sang cheerfully under a low grey sky. A soft breeze brushed my cheeks, bringing the faintest smell of sewerage with the bitter-sweet tang of crushed grass riding on its back. It began to rain. I breathed in its dampness and cast the circle.

I closed my eyes and allowed the sound of the rough playing of the water to hold me. Indistinct patterns crossed my eyelids, grey and greenish, almost translucent, with an edge and an overlay of leaves. Were those dark eyes gazing at me or were they the patterns and shadows of drifting foliage on the surface of the gently rippling water?

The breeze stirred the water. Yes, now faces were definitely there with dark eyes watching and inviting. I moved towards the pool’s edge and gazed down into their upturned faces.

I dove in. The pool was deeper than I had thought. Soft leaves floated across my face, touching all my exposed skin as I swam down into the water.

The floating shadowy beings beckoned me on. I followed, swimming deeper down into a tunnel and out into an echoing chamber.

The surface of the water all around me streamed with leaves, tangled hair and translucent triangular grey faces with dark eyes. Their bodies and limbs shrouded in foliage as they floated around me. Hands reached out to urge me forward.

Voices echoed in the chamber, voices calling me to them. I swam amongst them and felt gentle hands guiding me onwards towards a great silver light shimmering under the water ahead.

I was pulled under the water. I submitted, allowing myself to be taken, not fearing that I would not breathe, because breathing no longer mattered. Shimmering and shaking, a silver light seemed to weave its way through the water.

Slowly the voices reshaped themselves into a song, at first not recognisable and then clearer and stronger as I was drawn closer to the silver light.

“Water enfolding, shaping holding,
Ebbing and flowing set me free.
Water enfolding, shaping and holding,
Ebbing and flowing, take me home.”

I lay in the cool shaft of the silver beam, my body light as air. Drifting in its energy, I began to spin slowly and gradually floated back to the surface of the pool, the song still singing in my mind. Climbing out, I sat on the edge and stroked the water surface, my fingers moving through the drifting leaves. Softly I sang under my breath as a great sense of peace settled in my chest.

The rain had stopped but my cheeks were wet. I opened my eyes and stretched. The stone seat was very cold and I felt a little chilled. Far away to my right, a wood pigeon cooed contentedly. I opened the circle and gave thanks to the water beings for coming to me today.


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