Monday, November 13, 2006

Wednesday November 8, 2006

10:30 am

Starting out!

Far too excited and disorganised to go to bed at a reasonable time. Finally made myself lie down at about 1 am. Lay and twitched for an hour before sleep overtook me.

Slept fitfully for four hours, waking twice to worry about the time, fear I might oversleep. But I was up and out of bed before the alarms had more than an opportunity to shriek once.

At six am, I stood by my rowan tree in the garden and listened to the blackbirds and robins gossiping in the trees. Such a truly joyful sound, cleansing my mind of body of sleep and anxiety. I breathed the early morning air and then retired to my bath.

Now I don't normally bath in the morning. That habit is for those who are about to linger. Me, I'm a frantic lick and promise person, with a great deal of bad temper! But today, it was by way of a purification.

Enfolded in the gentle warmth, I lay and thought about the whole process of starting out. This first pilgrimage, if a little precipitously planned was very important. I really wanted to respond to the moment, to allow myself to be in beautiful sacred places, I also was anxious that I really use the experience. I had planned to write the whole ritual, composing a wonderful invocation and deciding exactly what to do. But I hadn't had time. I gave the anxiety to the water and decided that I would just be open and allow. I smiled to myself at that thought, and wondered how often I had resolve to be flowing in the moment and gone into one of my special Blackbird Owl flurries … but I could ponder no more, it was time to get out and get on.

Text magic is a wonderful thing. I often use it for myself and others. How it works is, you think of what you want to respond to a situation of your own or another’s, focus on the intent, record it in a text and send! Simple really. I had mainly used text magic for others, but decided today that I needed it. So I sent myself a text.

"Waiting. Excited. I call love for my safe journey this day. May all assistance be easily forthcoming, may all transport be timely and I be serene, no matter what happens. Blessings for the pilgrimage."

And as I sit writing this on the train, apart from minor delays, and some panicking assistance staff at Paddington, all is well. I'm on my way!

1:15 pm Plymouth

Oh silly me. I’m arriving in Devon but I’m not staying here. I am staying with a friend in a house on Kit Hill. I will be in Cornwall these next few days! That’ll teach me not to check where I am going!


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